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  An exotic range of Indian premium pickle made with farm fresh vegetables & spices. A mouth watering large range to serve your lunch, dinner or all parties with all packs requirements.
  Fruits, vegetables and spices mashed to pulp and flavors added by sugar or spice which is a perfect accomplishment to any food & also use as an ideal bread spread/dip.
  Rasna paste makes cooking easy. Add any vegetables or meat along with the curry paste and you will get exotic Indian curries in minutes.
  Rose syrup has a natural taste of rose and makes a delicious drink, when mixed with water or milk.
Fruit Cordial:
  F C is a unique blend of mixed fruits containing natural fruit juices and makes a delicious drink; when mixed with water or soda.
Shake up:
  A totally new way of having milk. Rasna Shake up is powered by Nutramax milk protein. It contains Calcium and Vitamin A, which makes energizing drink.
Curry in hurry:
  An exotic range of precooked Indian ethnic curry dishes in heat & eat format. It contains authentic taste of every major cities of India which simply brings India home.
Go frut:
  Go Frut instant drink is an aspartame based presweetened & concentrated in powder form. One sachet makes 2 liters of soft drink.
  Litro drink mix contains 5 essential vitamins, enriched with fruit powder. One sachet makes 1 liter of soft drink.
  It contains rich fruit pulp & manufactured to international quality standards. Made from the best & perfectly ripe fruits.
  It contains natural fruit powder with extra nutrients. It is energizing drink free from preservatives and caffeine.
  Rasna FP is presweetened & offers full day's supply of vitamin c as per us recommended daily allowance & other 5 essential vitamins. it gives real taste as that of farm fresh juice.
  Rasna fruit plus captures the delightful taste of freshly squeezed fruits. It contains artificial sweeteners.
  Rasna Fruitfun is a fruit flavoured soft drink concentrate, enriched with the goodness of fruit juice and extracts, that contains a sachet of powder and a sachet of liquid in each pack. To make Rasna Fruitfun 32 glass, add 750g (5 full cups) of sugar and the entire quantity of powder and liquid to 900ml (6cups) of water. Stir till sugar dissolves. Filter the concentrate and store in a 1.5 ltr bottle. To serve add one part of the concentrate to 3 parts of cold water to make upto 32 glasses of healthy refreshing drink enriched with calcium, vitamins and glucose.
Available in four refreshing flavours of Orange, Mango, Lemon and Pineapple. Rasna Fruitfun is a perfect ingredient for making Mocktails also.
Also available in other flavors like Shahi Gulab (Rose), Kool Khus, Kesar Elaichi, Kala Khatta & Cola Cola flavor under the name Freshfun.
Other SKUs like Money Saver Pack available in Fruitfun & 10 ka 12 glasses available in Fruitfun & Freshfun packs
  Rasna Fruitplus is a pre-sweetened soft drink concentrate powder that contains the refreshing taste of fruit juice and extracts. Just add 2 spoons (23gm) of these instant powder to a glass (180ml) of cold water and your Rasna Fruitplus is ready in 5 seconds. Available in 5 exciting flavors of Orange, Mango, Lemon, Pineapple and Mixed Fruit and enriched with vitamins and calcium, Rasna Fruitplus is a perfect blend of taste and health.
  Rasna Freshfun1ka2 is an unsweetened soft drink concentrate powder, available in sachets. A value for money product, it makes 2 glasses of energizing Rasna, just for Re.1. To make Rasna 1ka2, empty the pack in a bowl. Add 2 full cups (340ml) of water and 4 full tablespoons of sugar into it, stir till the powder dissolves, to get 2 glasses of healthy refreshing drink enriched with calcium, vitamins and glucose. Rasna Freshfun 1ka2 is available in two exciting flavours of Orange and Mango


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